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The Humboldt Homebrew Festival is a people’s choice award event and each attendee will be allowed to vote for their favorite brew(s) using three tokens. The top 3 contestants will win prizes and packages including merchandise, brewery swag, gift certificates and more. The festival will take place at the Arcata Community Center in Arcata beginning at 2pm on Saturday, April 1st, 2017. Brewers must be ready to pour by 12:00 noon for the Brewer’s Hour. The Community Center will be open on Friday, March 31st at 4:30pm to allow all brewer’s to drop off equipment at their selected tables and kegs/bottles in the walk-in refrigerator to chill for the next day. If you register to pour your brew at the event you are automatically entered to win both People’s Choice Awards and Brewer’s Choice Awards.

Contestants (this means you) are required to bring at MINIMUM 5 gallons of brew to pour to attendees. However, most festival veterans bring at least 10 gallons. A thank you package (2 Free Brewer Laminates, commemorative tasting glasses, 1 brewer event t-shirt) will be given to each brewer. Brewers are responsible for providing a system for dispensing brew (i.e. kegs and C02, jockey box, bottles, ice barrels, etc.) plus coolers and any other necessary items with the exception of tasting glasses and ice. We expect brewers and their guests to be able to educate and answer questions about their brew(s) and their technique. Please contact us at humboldthomebrewfest@gmail.com for more information or questions. Thank you for your support!!!


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The Humboldt Homebrewers Club is our partner and largest sponsor. Become a member and enjoy benefits such as early pre-registration, monthly tastings, and access to a bounty of brewing information. Learn more at humboldthomebrewers.org.

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