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volunteer registrationThanks for your interest in volunteering for the Humboldt Homebrew Festival. Please fill out the form below with your name, contact info and choose which crew you would like to volunteer for from the drop down menus. Enter a first and second crew choice in case your first crew choice is maxed-out. If you are a returning volunteer, tell us which crew(s) you volunteered for and what year(s) you volunteered. Please add humboldthomebrewfest@gmail.com to your contacts list so our replies to your request do no go to your SPAM folder. The HHF’s success relies heavily on the dedication and hard work of our volunteers. Thanks for all you do and know that our proceeds go to support Engineers Without Borders North Coast Professionals and our projects. CHEERS!!

-Gabriel Salazar
Main Coordinator

Humboldt Homebrewer's Club

The Humboldt Homebrewers Club is our partner and largest sponsor. Become a member and enjoy benefits such as early pre-registration, monthly tastings, and access to a bounty of brewing information. Learn more at humboldthomebrewers.org.

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