Beer Lineup 2018


Seat Number First Name / Brewery Last Name / Crew Name(s) / Beer numbers Beer Name Beer Type Description
1-2 Hoptimize Lucien Pevec & Ben Carlson      
    1a Briny VESB ESB This smooth English ale is packed with electrolytes from the pacific ocean to quench your primordial thrusts. Mild aroma hops and some Humboldt bay oysters might even give it aphrodisiac effects. Electrolytes! it's what you Crave. Bravely hop to taste with Hoptimize.
    1b SoHum Golden Hills Kölsch Kölsch Wile obviously not from Koln, This crisp golden ale is cold fermented with a traditional kolsch yeast to be revitalizing after long hot days in the hills. Balance its mellow malt with a just the right amount of Hoptimize.
    2a Wanch Rye Pale This scrumptious rye pale ale was brewed on the Wanch in the scenic Humboldt Hills. A healthy portion of Rye adds spicy notes to the well rounded malt profile. Take a sip and you'll find yourself back on the Wanch. Hop to to taste with Hoptimize!
    2b Chappy's ESB ESB Chappy gets thirsty after a long day of work so we brewed up a hoppy ESB to quench his thirst. Chappy likes it hoppy, so add some Hoptimize to bump it up a notch.
3 Mitchell Danforth      
    3a Shower Red Irish Red Ale A classic Irish red ale. Dry and balanced, this beer has subtle notes of caramel sweetness and a hint of roasted malt, complimented by a slight bitterness and mellow aroma of the Fuggles hop.
    3b El Gringo Rojo Pepper Red Ale A red ale that went south of the border. The additions of habanero and jalapeno peppers add a spicy kick, while mescal-infused oak chips imbue this ale with truly unique properties.
3 Luke Danforth      
    3c Fighting Lupulus with Lupulus IPA IPA An American IPA that reigns in big-hop bitterness with more hop aroma. Piney and resinous bitter flavors inexplicably compliment fruity and citrus aromas, creating a chaotic yet harmonious union atop a light, crisp malt profile.
    3d Lupulus, Meet Quercus IPA IPA An oak aged IPA that adds depth and complexity to a light-bodied, well-balanced IPA. Old world meets new as French oak flavors blend with west coast hop forward thinking, resulting in a beer that won’t disappoint.
4 Chris Richards Miss Rose's DD Raspbarb Honey Autumn Special Cider Hard Cider made with local apples, raspberries, honey, and rhubarb. Served Cask style.
5-6 Sayrina Ciders Karen & Jessup Miller      
    5a Hopped Blueberry Peach Cider A dry hopped blend of apple, blueberry and peach. The Willamette and Hood hops, blueberries and apples were all grown in Fieldbrook, CA. This is a dry , lightly fruity cider.
    5b Kiwi Cider Cider with added fruit Dry, sparkling cider with fresh kiwi added to final fermentation.
    6 Hibiscus-Ginger Kombucha Kombucha Hibiscus-Ginger Kombucha
7-8 Big Bang Brewery Dave West & Andrew Murphy      
    7 Wee Wee Heavy Wee Heavy This Scottish style beer sits at the lower end of the Wee Heavy spectrum at a "mere" 7.2%, hence the name. Malt forward, smooth, a tad sweet, and delicious!
Brewed by Dave West and Andrew Murphy
    8 Suspension Northeast IPA Northeast Style IPA Our Northeast IPA is brewed with hefty doses of Citra and Simcoe hops added after the boil, during primary fermentation, and even right here in the keg! Pineapple and grapefruit flavors dominate with a lightly sweet finish. Revitalizing Nectar! 6.5%
Brewed by Dave West and Andrew Murphy
9 Ira Salamon Aussie Haze IPA IPA Aussie Haze IPA, 7.2% ABV, 29 IBU: Homebrewers have been making “hazy” IPAs since the dawn of dry-hopping, but now we try to do it on purpose! A mix American pale two-row and pilsner base malts provides a malty backbone for a hoptastic fruity journey to crushland from heavy whirlpool and dry-hop additions of a mix of Aussie hops, Vic Secret and Galaxy, and N. American Mosaic. Flake oats make up the remaining 20% of the grain bill and help provide extra mouthfeel and of course, the “haze.”
10 Azie Salamon Old School Strawberry Chocolate Porter Porter Old School Strawberry Chocolate Porter, 8.3% ABV, 27 IBU: This recipe predates all of the lactose laden pastry IPAs and Stouts of today’s fashion--so if you’re looking for one of those, don’t try this! A simple yet seductive grain bill gives this beer its malty chocolate character. Late addition Cascade hops provide an earthy floral bouquet upon which to rest sweet and sour hints of real strawberry and Hull Melon dry-hops added to the keg.
11 Taylor & Eric LeBlanc        
    11a Fieldbrook Fog California Common No part of the process of creating this beer occurred on a rooftop, but nonetheless, it's your typical California Common Steam beer. With a malty foundation slightly hopped with Northern Brewer, this hybrid beer is an easy drinking lager brewed at higher temperatures that pays homage to the little area of California that we call home.
    11b It's Not Just a Phase, Mom New England IPA Juicy. Hazy. Fruity. This New England style IPA, hopped with an outrageous dose of Mosaic and Citra hops, along with the newest thing in hop technology: Cryo hops, super concentrated lupulin powder designed to contribute an insanely fruity taste and aroma, reminiscent of the bowl of Fruity Pebbles from your childhood perfect breakfast memories.
12 Bianca Hayashi Sneaky Sancho IPA A strong IPA that will give you the liquid courage to bolt out the backdoor when the man comes home. The strong smell of hops will cover any evidence that you were ever there. Amarillo and Citra are among the bouquet of greatness that goes into this one.
13 Ethan Brown To Helles and Bock Lager; Bock This light bodied lager and big bodied bock were both brewed using legendary Mt. Shasta water and cold conditioned with natural mountain air for a tasty tandem sure to get you to Helles and Bock!
14 Gabe Cashman & Jonathan Lucas        
    14a Farmyard special Saison Originating as a refreshing beverage for farmers and farm workers, examples of the style can now be found from 4-8% ABV. This low percentage brew highlights fruit and spice flavors from the yeast on a crispy malt backbone.
    14b El Hefe Bavarian weissbier aka Hefeweizen süffig [ˈzʏfɪç] adj
‪tasty[esp. of alcoholic beverages], quaffable, pleasant to drink‬

A description in itself, this German inspired wheat beer is highlighted by phenols and esters produced by a unique yeast strain from The world's oldest continuously operating brewery. Hints of banana and clove couple with light bread notes to produce a quite drinkable summer session.

15 Ana Rodriguez New Zealand Wakatu IPA IPA Hopbursted tastebuds erasers is the New Zealand Wakatu IPA. A blend of hop varieties from New Zealand Nelson Sauvin, New Zealand Motueka and New Zealand Wakatu hops. A hoppy funk brew that will permeate your sinuses.
16 Mario Torres        
    16a Coco Orange Porter Porter Light bodied chocolate Porter brewed with orange peels for a fresh citrus aroma.
    16b Black Eye PA Black IPA Dark base beer dry hopped with Citra and Centennial hops for a robust aroma and smooth malty finish.
17 Fat Cat Brews Caitlin Hoy HC3PA IPA A true Humboldt County Three-Way. Recipe inspired by The Booth's Kukmin IPA, with copious amounts of Hopsteiner Experimental Hops #10419 donated by Lost Coast Brewing, and fermented out with West Coast Pale Ale yeast from Mad River Brewing. Floral and fruity with notes of Orange, Vanilla, Sage and Black Tea. 8.25% ABV
18 Fat Cat Brews Kenneth Berry      
    18a Devil on the Dark Horizon Belgian Dark Strong Ale The Devil returns from his year-long slumber. Rich, complex, malty & dangerously drinkable. Belgian Pilsner, Munich, Vienna, Dark Munich, CaraMunich III, Aromatic, Special B and Honey malts are complemented by Belgian Candy Sugars and the floral and spicy notes of Horizon hops. Belgian yeast provides the complex esters and phenolics.. Are you willing to dance with the Devil on the Dark Horizon? 10.35 % ABV 34.69 IBU
    18b Roggen Your Noggin Roggenbier (Traditional German Rye) The latest version of the Award-Winning recipe that went all the way to the 2nd Round of the GABF 2017 Pro-Am! German Pilsner, Rye, CaraMunich III, Carafa II and Chocolate Rye malts are balanced by Noble German Tettnanger and Czech Saaz hops. Weihenstephan Weizen yeast produces a beautiful and delicate balance of banana esters and clove phenolics. A truly noteworthy modern interpretation of a historical style. 5.24% 16.48 IBU
19-20 Big Ears Brewing        
    19A Blindcider Series: Spicy Ginger Cider Blindcider Series: Spicy Ginger - This crowd pleaser functions as both aperitif and digestif.
    19B Blindcider Series: Kush Crossfader Cider Dry and earthy Kush cannabis wine. Not for the faint of heart. Each four ounce pour contains 100mg of that delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol.
    19C Blindcider Series: Blueberry Cider Drinking should be relaxing and approachable. This blueberry cider is easy as the day is long.
    20A Mad Microbiology Americans Wild Ale Porter aged on oak with brettanomyces lambicus, brettanomyces bruxellensis, lactobacillus delbrueckii, saccharomyces cerevisiae, pediococcus, and need we say...more.
    20B Craze Series: Summit New England-style India Pale Ale This hazy IPA features Summit hops. The strain is known for it's pine-y, coniferous flavor.
    20C Craze Series: C Hop New England-style India Pale Ale Our own blend of Pacific Northwest hops give this hazy IPA it's pungent notes of tangerine, resinous blood orange, and dank grapefruit.
21-22 Funky Fresh Brewery Paul Grijalva & John McCarty      
    21 Magnum Lager Lager Collaboration brew of Paul Grijalva and John McCarty. This a single hop, dry hopped lager featuring Magnum hops. 6% ABV
    22a "Mag Lag" Small Boy Lager Collaboration brew from John McCarty and Paul Grijalva. This is a small beer 3.5% ABV. Light AF you might say...Featuring. Magnum hops and Kolsch yeast.
    22b Hop Juice Cider Cider Collaboration brew from Paul Grijalva and John McCarty. This a juicy and hazy dry hopped cider featuring Citra and Bravo hops. 6.5%ABV
23 Fat Bastard Brewing Skip Mcfarling Trepidatious Strong ale Strong malt forward Ale with a hint of caramel sweetness balanced with the perfect hop combination. At 9.4 % ABV this Ale has a very smooth feel that will surprise you.
24 John Onstine Death by Jose Cuervo American Strong ale American Strong ale aged in a Tequila barrel.
25 Joshua Holland & Sean Tremblay 25a New Pilgrim Pineapple Cider Hard Cider A crisp, dry and refreshing hard cider, overflowing with ripe pineapple aroma and copious pineapple flavor. It's a fresh cut pineapple explosion made from 100 percent pineapple juice.
    25b New Pilgrim Apple Cider Hard Cider A crisp, dry and refreshing hard apple cider. Overflowing with apple aroma, this apple cider will overwhelm your palette with a cornucopia of fresh apple from start to finish.
26 Katie Herron Cauldron Bottom Porter A smokey herbal porter, brewed with mugwort and peated barley
27 Jason Wells 27a Hoechuckin' Porter Porter Porter, the common man's drinkin' choice since the 18th century. This beer will definitely have chocolate malt, definitely have 2 row, and definitely be a solid 5 out of 7. You should ask me more about how I brewed this beer, and ask me more about hoechucking, because somehow it's relevant.
    27b Haulback IPA IPA IPA, the common man's drinkin' choice since sometime in the 90s. This beer will definitely have hops, definitely have 2 row, and definitely run out before the event is over. You should ask me more about how I brewed this beer, and ask me more about haulback lines, running skylines, ground leads, and talking tooters; because it's definitely relevant...somehow.
28 Chris Gonzalez      
    28a Thin Mint Stout Sweet Stout Those little cookie slinging entrepreneurs didn't hit your house this year. Now what will you do? Sip this Dick Taylor cocoa infused mint Stout and forget about that guilt you usually feel after eating an entire box in one sitting.
    28b Samoa Skidmarks Porter Have no fear, the chocolate skidmarks your coconut caramely favorite leaves on your hands is no longer! We have packed real coconut and caramel into this one of a kind beer. Keep those hands clean, grab a sample!
28 Eric Hall      
    28c Barely Legal Hazy IPA IPA This Hazy IPA is barely legal! Infused with Humboldt Turpenes and dry hopped to get you that lupulin high you crave. Yes, it's THAT kind of girlscout cookies.
29 Joseph McKinzie      
    29a El Payaso Del Maní California Common Sometimes you take a style and you gotta spin her 'round and Do-si-do. Peanut butter and oatmeal will fill your mouth as your eyes roll back in de la Rosa ecstasy. Ain't nothing Common about this one.
    29b Jethro's Teef Drank When dat sweet toof takes hold you let jeezus take da wheel. Ain't noone but him gunna tell me how many uh dem gurl scout cookies tuh eat. Dat sweet lemon flavor gunna make you wild!
    29c Cookie Withdrawal Black IPA When that little girl tell you she's out of cookies you'd best stay away from her house. Don't let that itching and scratching feeling get to you. Ease the itch with a peanut butter rich black IPA. Less calories, more beer, much more age appropriate.
    29d I Want S'more Beer! Brown When you need S'more beer come back to Camp Wanna'beer! Perfectly toasted marshmallows and the chocolate flavor you deserve without having to burn your knuckles by the campfire.
30 Sean Wilson Johnny O's Indian Brown Ale American Brown Ale/ IPA Dark IPA. Deliciously balanced between Malt and Hops, just drink it.
This Indian Brown Ale is inspired by and dedicated to a legend. A craftsman who produces the Homebrew Festival trophies each year, proving he's master with wood in his hands. Johnny O was once quoted as saying "There is nothing better than a good brown ale". You be the judge.
31 Sean Pitney      
    31a Toasted Coconut Stout Stout This all-grain Stout is a traditional stout recipe and was brewed with toasted coconut and toasted brown rice. Cheers, enjoy!
    31b Dry Hopped Citra Pale Ale Light bodied citra pale ale dry hopped with whole hops.
    31c Hibiscus Tulsi Kombucha Kombucha Kombucha recipe with locally grown tulsi tea and whole hibiscus flowers
32-33 Of the North Brewing Ben Tell & Mikel Brunner      
    32 Darkness Warshed Over the Dude Stout Darker than a black steers tuckus on a lonesome prairie
    33 Foggy Windows IPA Just like Jack and Rose, but with beer..,
34-35 Dave Breyer      
    34 Here's Johnny! American Strong Ale Rich malt flavor from six different malts, spice and grapefruit hops with light citrus aroma. This higher ABV ale can sneak up on you, so be careful or else you’ll be yelling “Heeeere’s Johnny” louder than Ed McMahon on the Tonight Show. Youngins’ may need to Google that reference.
    35a Oh My Goodness! Rye Whiskey Brown Ale Wood Barrel-Aged What do you say when you age a rich American Brown Ale in a Rye Whiskey Barrel? That's right, Oh My Goodness!
    35b Island Girl Mango Pineapple Wheat Ale Fruit Beer An American Wheat Ale with late additions of fresh mango and pineapple make this a tangy, easy drinking brew.
36 Doug Hickey      
    36a Solera Project Zeta Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer Zeta is the 6th cycle of this solera project. This solera is an inoculated (Belgian Sour Mix-WLP 655) oak barrel from which 1/3 of the volume is pulled out each cycle for serving and replaced by new beer to continue the souring. It's similar to keeping a sour-dough starter going.
    36b Zeta Hot Sour Flip Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer Hot Ale Flip was quite the thing in Colonial America. Back then, a red-hot specialized poker was pulled from the fireplace and plunged into a beer mug to heat it. The Flip was usually spiced, and sometimes spiked with rum or Port and even egg. Zeta Flip is the "Solera Project Zeta" served hot, uncarbonated and spiced with cinnamon and orange slices, and is reminiscent of a hot mulled cider.
37 Scott Lindsay      
    37a Kombuch-IPA IPA A semi-sour IPA. This is simply 3 parts IPA and 2 parts home brewed kombucha. Sure to please the pallets of many adventurous beer drinkers.
    37b The Jimmy Carter Wheat/Peanut Butter Peanut Butter Wheat
Who doesn't love peanut butter? This peanut butter wheat beer is brewed using the healing waters from the Stevens spring along the south fork of the Smith River (also brewed at the source) enjoy it with your favorite jelly or on its own.
38 Connor Caldwell      
    38a EmBerry Blueberry Rosemary Pilsner Brimming with effervescence and the clean, crispness of Pilsner. You won't be able to help yourself from plundering the splendor of this sweet and savory berry patch!
    38b The Elvis Peanutbutter Banana Porter A heart-stoppingly strange brew. Fit for The King!
39 Michael Glore      
    39a Piña Colada Pils German Style Pils Brewed simply with pilsner malt and noble hops, this German Pils is fortified with natural coconut and pineapple flavors during lagering for a surprising take on a classic.
    39b Dustin PedroIPA American / New England IPA In honor of the scrappy Boston Red Sox second baseman who's short in stature but delivers big performance, Dustin PedroIPA is a New England IPA that's restrained on hop bitterness but bursts with juicy flavors and aromas. Get well soon, Pedey!
40 Spencer McLintock Süsser Gaümenschmaüs Kölsch Germans aren't exactly known for their smooth edges and fresh flavor, but this kölsch shines a light on the brighter side of an ancient tradition. One sip of this crisp, refreshing ale will have you whispering its name in delight. "Süsser Gaümenschmaüs - Sweet Deliciousness!"
41 Matt Kowalski The Creature from the Maroon Lagoon Amber Ale A creative effort to combine the sweet malty characteristics of an Amber Ale with the crisp refreshing mouthfeel of a lager balanced with Cascade, Centennial and Citra hops.
ABV- 5.5% IBUs 40.
42 James Raybould      
    42a Boyz to the yard IPA Do your milkshakes bring the boys to the yard? Well this milkshake IPA will almost definitely bring all the boys and even the girls to the yard. This is a hazy IPA with lactose, vanilla, mangoes and strawberries.
    42b Hop Soup IPA Another hazy IPA full of citra, galaxy, and azacca. It has so many hops in it, it looks like hop soup!
43-44 Kevin Naset Animus Lambic/Kriek style ale 2 year old Lambic style ale aged in Hungarian oak barrels containing house blend of Brettanomyces, pediococcus, and lactobacillus. Finished on 6 lbs. Organic cherries and French oak cubes. (Beer subject to change)
45-46 Sunnybrae Cider Gabriel Salazar & Lyndsey Battle      
    45 Azul Hard Blueberry Cider Made with a blend of apples pressed on site at our friend Matt's Feisty Dog Orchard on the banks of the Eel River at Holmes Flat. Fermented with blueberries picked at Wolfsen Farms in Mckinleyville. Thanks Matt, Matt, Tara, Richela and Michelle for your help picking and pressing apples!!! Aged 2 years in glass. lol.
    46 Cidra de Oro Hard Apple Cider Also made from a blend of apples pressed on site at our friend Matt's Feisty Dog Orchard on the banks of the Eel River at Holmes Flat. The natural mystic of Feisty Dog Orchard comes through in this complex, perfectly-balanced apple cider. Thanks to our friends who accompanied us and helped pick the apples that made this cider Gold!
47 Olson's Brew Brian & Launa Olson      
    47a Bondage Bock Bock Don’t be a slave to your typical beer styles - the Homebrew Fest is all about expanding your horizons! When you are feelin’ frisky and want to explore some latex fun, reach for this nontraditional bock beer, full of flavor. Racked on top of bourbon soaked, roasted pecans, this lightly hopped extract lager allows for the malt flavor to shine.
    47b Python Porter Porter King Arthur would have been pleasantly surprised to have this coconut porter flown in to medieval England by swallows...or even carried in by his faithful servant, Patsy. This extract brew melds both toasted coconut and cocoa nibs for a porter fit for a king! Returning to the Homebrew Festival for the 3rd year in a row, this time with added cinnamon!
48 Tim Warner      
    48a The Belgian imP(ALE)r Belgian Pale Ale This Belgian Pale Ale is superhero smooth, mellow, and ready to fight crime. Defend the innocent with notes of cloves and banana, along with biscuit-like Belgian pilsner malts. Heroically hopped with Fuggles. ABV 6%.
    48b The Legendary Lady in Red Ale West Coast Style Red Ale This red ale mesmerizes with its ruby beauty, but delivers a hops punch right in the kisser. Don't misbehave. That's a warning.
49 Sean Ennis Spring Forth Pale Ale American Pale Ale An easy drinking American Pale Ale featuring pale, Munich, and crystal malts enhanced with generous additions of Simcoe and Cascade hops. 6.2% ABV
50 Jessica Davis Grout Imperial IPA Imperial IPA Grout Imperial IPA is a full bodied, high gravity beer. At 102 IBUs and 9% ABV, this beer is not for the weak of heart. It is a hop-forward beer brewed with mosaic and summit hops.
51 Jay Fazio      
    51a West Side Common 19B: California Common American west coast original style. Easy drinking; moderately malty with a firm hop bitterness.
    51b Whezin the Juice NE IPA New England Style IPA, Hazy and full of hop flavor.
52 Michael Kraft Mary Ann's Mexican Coffee Cream Ale Cream Ale This is a classic American Cream Ale with a Mexican coffee twist. A bunch of two row malt and flaked corn, bolstered by some Victory and wheat malts, form the grain bill. It's brewed with organic whole cone Fuggle hops. Late in the process, we added cold brewed coffee, chili (not too much), cinnamon and Dick Taylor cacao nibs in a rum tincture. The goal was to go way homebrew, but in a reasonably subtle way. IBU's = 16; ABV = 5.4%.
53 Peter Carlson      
    53a Elder Ale fruit Elderberries, historically used for making wine and brewing beer, add a complex flavor to beer that changes over time. Wild Humboldt black elderberries are the main flavoring to this pale ale brewed with willamette & saaz hops and a bit of lemon verbena. 5.1% ABV. Brewed in November and aged for 5 months.
    53b Grouse in the Field Cider Cider with 80% Fieldbrook apple juice, 15% Grouse Mountain black elderberry juice, and 5% local grape juice. Fermented with saison yeast. Thanks to Adam, Ana, Sonny and Zach for helping gather and press the apples.
    53c Laurel Rose herb pale A mild gruit style ale with rosemary, bay, yarrow, juniper berries,and ginger;local dark honey adds a bit of earthy sweetness. 5.4% ABV. No hops were harmed in brewing this beer.
54 Chris Ramey Black IPA Matters Black IPA A deep, rich home brewed American Stout was combined with a home brewed IPA. The result is an almost midnight colored Black IPA with the usual hop notes in an IPA and the malty backbone of a Stout. Most notable are the malt and roasted grain flavors. ABV 6%
55 Nathan Ladd      
    55a ESB ESB  
    55b IPA IPA  
56 Adam Canepa      
    56a Why Not Rye Rye Pale Ale This pale ale has lots of rye and lot of hops. Finished with a mosaic caraway aroma.
    56b Cheeky Punk'in American Ale Roasted pumpkin caramelized with brown sugar and boiled for 90 minutes. Not much hops, not much spice. With hints of molasses and vanilla.
56 Raymury Palacios      
    56c The KamaCitra IPA IPA/Saison This double IPA Saison was dry hopped with mostly Citra hops and other amazing hops. Fermented with French Saison and American yeasts. When I had my first taste I thought it was orgasmic. Enjoy responsibly!
57 Steve Railsback Abbey Brown Ale Belgian ale This beer commemorates the strong ales we enjoyed in Belgium in 2015. It is dark brown, strong, moderately hopped, and fermented with an abbey ale yeast. A secret ingredient gives just a tad of sourness.
58 Greg Winkley      
    58a Strong back-weak mind porter Porter Porter :A basic working class beer appreciated by all classes.
    58b Old man's ale. Old Ale Old ale in the traditional sense of the category with a large mouthful of grain and little hop afternotes.
59 Tipping Point Brewing Matt Megill, Jeremy Evans & Ray Rios      
    59a Black Dog Stout Chocolate Coffee Stout High ABV beer with chocolate on the nose and subtle notes of coffee on the back end. (No dogs were harmed in the making of this beer.)
    59b Hoppy McHopface IPA IPA Hop-centric beer dry hopped with amarillo hops. Tropical fruit flavors and estery notes really come through on this one.
    59c Kirklands Finest Belgian Pale Ale Belgian Pale Ale Golden in color with slight hints of banana. (Note: This beer is not affiliated with Costco, Inc. or the Kirkland brand)
60 Kara Bennett      
    60a French Paisan Saison Saison brewed with garlic and herbs. Fermented with French saison yeast.
    60b Diablo Saison Saison Saison brewed with jalapeno. Fermented with French saison yeast.
61 Triple Junction Brewing Kristina Watson Sahya-Graha Sahti/Farmhouse Ale Finnish Style Juniper Beer traditionally passed down from mother to daughter.
Translated from Sanskrit, Satyagraha, means “Truth force” or “holding to truth.” used in the form of non-violent resistance during the Indian Independence movement and Civil Rights movement in the U.S. This beer is a force of truth from first sip to last. Enjoy!
62 Triple Junction Brewing Sean Wilson Subduction Zone Bock Bock is a German "bottom-fermented" hybrid lager traditionally brewed in the spring. You should expect a deep copper color and richly flavored distinctive tasting beer with a strong slightly bitter finish. My interpretation this year is light golden in color with a slightly stronger hop presence. ABV is 7%.
63 Triple Junction Brewing Chaz Lord Humboldt live guy ale Dark ale An easy drinking dark ale loosely based on Rouges Dead Guy ale with a.slightly malty finish
64 Triple Junction Brewing Ron Kuhnel      
    64a Russian Roulette Imperial Stout Imperial Stout A big bold Russian Imperial Stout with lots of Chocolate and dark fruit, coffee, and a rich bitter finish. The inspiration for this was North Coast Old Rasputin RIS. The hops (Northern Brewer. Simcoe, Cascade, & Centennial) for this were chosen by the spin of a roulette wheel. ABV 8%.
    64b Ditchweed APA American Pale Ale The basis for this beer was a wild hop growing in a ditch beside a country road in rural Connecticut in 2017, thus the inspiration for the name. The wild hop was used at a bittering hop for an American Pale Ale. This beer was dry-hopped with Sorachi Ace. AbV 4.3%.
65 Triple Junction Brewing Roy Marin Humboldt Honey IPA, Ale, Porter, Steam My wife Jeannine is a bee keeper. Therefore all my beers are brewed with Honey. This is not mead. This is Honey Beer. It is interesting to compare the brews with and without the Honey. Further, Honey flavors differ depending on where the Honey was gathered and what kind of flowers the bees were pollinating.
66 Triple Junction Brewing Andrew Perrone Hef-foe-weizen IPA This was my first attempt at making an East coast style IPA. i used GIga yeast GY054 Vermont IPA yeast with a 100% Morris Otter grain bill. Cascade, Simcoe, Citra, Fugal and Hophash for flavor profile. The ale did not come out as expected but has a Hefeweizen like look and taste especially after a slice of lemon is added. Enjoy this unique cloudy brew!
67 Ari Maiello JAWA HPA Pale Ale Two suns really dries out the mouth! So what does a person do in such heat? Grab for the refreshing taste of JAWA Hoppy Pale Ale. Maybe trade an old broken robot for a bottle or two. We've got a cooler full back in the Sand Crawler!
68 Jeremy Brown Raindog Reunion Double IPA Double IPA Forged under the dripping eves of madrone and Douglas fir, this double IPA is perfect for any rainy afternoon. Generously hopped, with the malts to match, Raindog Reunion Double IPA is another entry into the vast and growing category of hop-centric West Coast beers. Sometimes you drink beer at a reunion of friends and family, sometimes you have a reunion in order to brew beer. Either way, no such gathering is complete without Raindog Reunion Double IPA. Enjoy!
69 Dennis Baumsteiger Spruce Moose Pale Ale Pale ale dry hopped with fresh spruce tips

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