Beer Lineup 2017

Beer Name


Jo's Lemon Ginger Pale Ale
The 1040EZ Sout Stout
Tulsi Kombucha Kombucha
Camp smoke Smoked Porter
Knotty Pine #1 Cider
Knotty Pine #2 Cider
DD Raspbarb Honey Autumn Special Cider
Jah's Salvation Stout
Feels Good Inn Cider
Yellow Dog Ale Strong American Ale
India Pape Ale IPA
Wild West Saison
Jungle Juice Northeast Pale Ale
West Coast Pilsner Lager
Chinook Pale Ale Pale Ale
Blood Orange Hefeweizen Hefeweizen
Dry Extra Stout Stout
Blonde with Big Tits Blonde
Munich Amber Lager Lager
Big Willy's Citra Pale Ale Pale Ale
Randell's Big Willy Pale Ale
Coco Orange Coffee Porter Porter
Lemon grapefruit Bitter Ale
Santa's Little Helper Spiced English IPA
Devil on the Dark Horizon Belgian Dark Strong Ale
Lemmy's Special English Ale Pale ale aged on JD whisky barrel chips
Albion Ale Spiced Brown Ale
The Milk Drinker Chocolate Milk Stout
Trepidatious Strong Ale
Batten Down the Hatches Belgian Dark Strong
Triple Junction Black Lagers Matter Lager
Triple Junction Humboldt Honey Ale Specialty Beer
Imerial S.M.A.S.H. Strong Pale
Raztastic Cider
White Wizard IPA White IPA
Clockwork Citra IPA IPA
Korova Stout Bar Stout
KaKow! Robust Porter
Pump Up the Yam! Pale Ale
Raw Doggin Red Red Ale
Raptor Red Red
Caucasian Stout
Irish Coffee Milk Stout
The Jesus Juice Cream Ale
Blue Coconut Sour
Nothing Special Specialty Ale
Beet Red Ale Red ale
Smoke Sesh Session IPA
Morning Cuppa Coffee Stout
Hopbot Pale Ale
Beet Wheat Wheat
Bitterwheat Grapefruit Ginger Symphony Wheat
Pinyon Pilsner Lager
Calvin & Hoppes Imperial IPA
Sagittarius-A Super Massive Black Porter Porter
Black Licorice Tripel Tripel
The Ty Cobb Peach Habanero Pilsner
Drunken Poodle American Oak-Aged Porter with Bourbon and Vanilla
Ho'okipa Coconut Porter Porter
Lawnmower 2: Electric Boogaloo Cream Ale
Fiesta Forever Tamarindo Cider
Down by the River Session ESB
Python Porter Porter
Island Girl Mango Pineapple American Wheat Fruit Beer
JB's American Deuce Double IPA
Oh My Goodness! Rye Whiskey Barrel-Aged Rye IPA Wood-Aged
Lawnmower 2: Electric Boogaloo Cream Ale
CVC Pale Specialty
Mocha Mac Black IPA IPA
Sweet Devil Cider Cider
"Oh Mama, I Miss Obama" Honey Saison Saison
Make Me Wanna Stout! American Stout
Bluegrass Imperial Stout Stout
Tropic Like It's Hot! Dry Hopped Pineapple Cider
Dead Weight Steam Beer California Common
Citrometer Pale ale
C.T.Z. Special IPA
Marlene Molasses Porter Porter
Super Sick Lion Lager Pilsner lager
Pico de Stouto! Stout
Pearl's black IPA Black IPA
Experimental smash IPA
More hops than brains Double IPA
Mobeius Porter
Prim'ta Black IPA
Boozy Roots IPA
Rosemary Ale Herb Beer
Mocha Porter Porter
San Andreas Alt Altbier
Triple Junction Apricot  Kölsch Kolsch
Triple Junction Seismic Pale Al Pale Alle
Triple Junction Tectonic Shift Kölsch Kolsch

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