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Pulled Pork Sliders With Skillet Sautéed Onions


Skillet Sautéed Mushrooms & Onion Sliders


Organic Green Salad w/ Blackberry Vinaigrette

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All Served with Blackberry Bramble BBQ Sauce

1-2 Sayrina Ciders / Karen & Jessup Miller

1: Blueberry/Apple / Cider

Apples all harvested in Humboldt County, pressed and fermented using Saf Cider yeast at Sayrina Ciders in Fieldbrook.The Sayrina Farms Blueberries, added after primary fermentation, give this cider a semi dry, fruity taste with a nice sparkle.

2: Blackberry/Apple / Cider

The apples are all grown in Humboldt County, handpicked and pressed at Sayrina Ciders in Fieldbrook and fermented using Saf Cider yeast. The Fieldbrook blackberries, juiced and added after primary fermentation, give this cider a beautiful, pink, clear color with a dry, crisp finish.

In addition, we will have a variety of specialty bottles which will include but not limited to : vanilla, lavender, hibiscus, kiwi and rhubarb.


3-4 Hoptimize/Ben Carlson Lucien Pevec

3: Hoptimize Custom Common “HCC” / California Common

Holding loosely to the California common style native to our urban neighbor to the south, this steamy off the grid Humboldt rendition starts with mountain spring water and organic Admiral malt. The wort was boiled for a short time and a healthy dose of organic homegrown Chinook hops was spun in at flame out. A large starter of traditional San Francisco lager yeast super charged the magic of fermentation. Primaried on the warm side for a lager it developed an iconic malt toastiness that can be balanced to your taste with Hoptimize.

4a: Hoptimize Hop Charge / Hop Charge

Hoptimize Hop Charge: An all new, non-Alcoholic , craft brewed, low calorie hop concentrate to add to soda water or anything else. The full flavors of citrusy tropical hops without malt or calories. We will be serving samples in carbonated spring water, or our HCC.

4b: Hoptimize Organic / Hop Charge

Hoptimize Organic: An all natural blend of the finest hop extracts. Emergency hops to add to any beer any- where. Taste in our HCC.

As a service to our fellow brewers, Hoptimize will be offering a beer de-foamer for anyone that might need it. If you have ever poured draft beer you have come up against a keg that just won’t pour without filling the glass with foam. We came across this super power in our extensive hop R&D and realized it was something every brewer could use.


5 Chris Richards

5a: Cherry Brr Berry / Cider

Nice Apple/Cherry flavor with hints of Blackberries, Raspberries and Honey. Plenty of punch but leaves the taste bud’s owner without the sensibility of potency. Dry and served Caske Style.

5ba: Cobb Mountain Green / Cider

Considered "Table Cider"” as it is very clean, light, and crisp. Hints of Granny Smith and subtle Ruby Reds. Dry and served Cask Style.


6 Greg Winkley

5a: Stout

5b: Pale


7 Ari Maiello / Nathaniel Miller

7a: KingFisher Pale / Hoppy Pale Pale

Just as the King Fisher plucks fish from the marshes of Humboldt, this Pale Ale plucks hops from around the galaxy to please your pallet. This hop forward Pale ale includes just the right amount of Galaxy and Cascade hops, enjoy!

7b: PelMel Pale / Pale Ale

Pel Mel Pale Ale is a delightfully refreshing easy drinker with notes of citrus, mild spicy overtones, and just the right amount of hoppiness for your happiness.


8 Ted Hertel

8: Feral Barrel Fieldbrook Blends / Cider

2019 late harvest blend from local trees.


9 Dennis Baumsteiger

9: Turtle Monkey Kumquat / IPA

A floral IPA brewed with kumquats


10 Erin Phillips

10: Mink Musk / Porter

Inspired by the elegantly boisterious member of the mustelid family, the mink, this sleek and smooth Porter will transport you to the dark, earthy riverbanks where they reside.


11 Mitchell Danforth

11a: Rye’d or Die / Red Rye IPA

Hoppy, spicy, and balanced. In short, worth it.

11b: Everything’s Gone A'rye / Porter

An easy drinking porter with a pleasant twist.


12 Zach Johnson

12: Tropic Like It’s Hot! / Cider

This is a dry hopped pineapple cider. A bit sweet, acidic, and fruity, this cider is my go-to recipe.


13 Braewatch Brewing Collective / Gabe Cashman

13: Purple Under the Stairs / Somewhat Spontaneous Saison

This saison was open fermented with French Saison yeast and finished with wild Sunny Brae flora to pro- duce a pleasantly sour finish. Five pounds of wild Lacks Creek elderberries were then introduced adding a bit of color and sweetness.


14 Braewatch Brewing Collective / Sean Studer

14: Sunny Brae Wheat / American Wheat

Drinkability is the name of the game with this wheat based ale. With just enough aromatic hops and Pilsner malt for balance, this beer is sure to please anyone looking for that perfect pairing with sunny days in the Brae.


15 Ethan Brown

15a: Pine Clone Pils / Pilsner

This pilsner is a recreation of the hoppiest beer we found in Germany. Tannenzapfle, or pine cone, is the flagship beer of Rothaus brewery, located in the Black Forest region. It is best enjoyed cold and in large quantities. 4.6% abv. Not Vegan.

15b: Apriltoberfest / Marzen

Healthy amounts of toasted Munich malt give this Oktoberfest style lager its color and bready flavor. Tradi- tionally brewed in March and enjoyed in the fall, but we couldn’t wait that long. 4.7% abv. Not Vegan.


16 Chrissy Gierek

16: Flagship Porter / Porter

For sheer versatility, porters are hard to beat, offering sturdiness on the one hand, drinkablility on the other. They can be the epitome of balance, or a dark, bitter beer for hop lovers. The range of flavors in porter is al-most unparalleled for a beer of modest means. Soothing enough for cold weather, modest enough for warm, porters may still take a back seat to stout, but they occupy the driver’s seat for many.


17 Fat Cat Brews / Caitlin Hoy

17: High Island Ale / Scottish Ale

Scottish Ale brewed with Golden Promise, Caramunich 3, and Chocolate Wheat. Medium bodied and easy drinking. 5.4%, 14 IBU.


18 Fat Cat Brews / Kenneth Berry

18a: Coté des Canneberge et Riz / Sparkling Cranberry Wine Spritzer

A recipe that evolved from the Humboldt Homebrewers Iron Brewer Competition. This unique combination of cranberries, lemon, rice & brown sugar create a light, crisp, and refreshing beverage that is easy-drinking.

18b: Mad Belgian Maple Smoked Bacon Porter Belgian Porter with Maple and Smoked Bacon

Beer for Breakfast? What about breakfast in your beer? Either way, this tasty concoction has you covered. Who doesn’t like waffles slathered in maple syrup, a side of smoked pork belly. and a cup of coffee in the morning? Or afternoon? Or evening?

19-21 Big Ears Brewing

19: Spicy Ginger Cider / Cider

This ginger cider is quite spicy. We like it as both apertif and digestif.

20: Crossfader / Cider


21: 8-Day Bitter / Special Bitter

87.5% Maris Otter. 12.5% Crystal 60°. 24 IBU of East Kent Goldings. Mash 60 minutes @152°. Sparge 20 min- utes @178°. Fermented eight days @ 68°. Carbonated to 2.3 volumes.


24 Fat Bastard Brewing / Skip McFarling

24a: Trepidatious / Strong Ale/Old Stock

Over the years this big bold ale has morphed into what it is today. With a crisp head and a medium dark col- or, this malt forward beer has a caramel sweetness that is balanced with a perfect hop combination. Nearly a year of aging has allowed TREPIDATIOUS to become the best beer you will drink today.

24b: 44 & 66...an IPA / IPA

...but not just any IPA. This classic west coast IPA is crisp and clean with a slight citrus finish. With just enough white wheat added to give it a very light color and mouth feel.


25 Two Bad Back Brewing / Jay Fazio & Matt Hodgson

25a: Jerweiser / Cream Ale

A clean, well-attenuated, flavorful American “lawnmower” beer.

25b: Upside Brown / American Brown Ale

Think Brown meets IPA! Inspired by the India Brown Ale by Dogfish Head, the UpsideBrown takes the malt forward flavor of an American Brown Ale and flips it upside down by adding a generous amount of hops creating a flavor that is malt forward, has strong caramel notes, and plenty of hop bitterness/aroma.


26 Raymury Palacios

26a: Chocolatl Chili Stout / Imperial Stout on Nitro

Aztec Imperial stout brewed with 5 different kinds of dry chilis, vanilla beans, cacao nibs, coffee and some of the freshest grains, hops and oats. Served on nitro!

26b: Luscious Haze / Hazy IPA

Just the right amount of haze with delicious aromas and taste. My kind of beer all year round!


27 Adam Canepa

27a: Caraway Rye / Pale Ale

This rye pale ale is made with Rye and grains. Magnum and Centennial Hops, with some caraway seed in the boil. Should be pretty good.

27b: Belgium from England / Wheat

Belgian Wheat recipe made with English yeast. Just the right amount of Magnum and Nugget hops. Hints of orange peel, cumin and coriander.


28 Chris Gonzalez

28a: Purple Haze / Hazy IPA

6% ABV - 30 IBUs This beer is colored with Pea Blossom flowers. Blended with an acid beer to make a tart hazy IPA and hopped with Citra, Azzaca, and Cascade hops.

28b: Sour Hour / IPA

5% ABV - 30 IBUs. A solera style (Brett, Pedio, Sacch) style IPA aged, blended and dry hopped. Words wont do this beer justice. Taste the funk!


29 Joseph McKinzie

29: Dird Double Vanilla IPA / DIPA

ABV 8.1%, IBUs 142. This Double Vanilla IPA, A Traditional pacific north-west Double IPA brewed primarily with mosaic hop. Topped off to round out the flavour with Madagascar Vanilla Beans. This is as smooth as ice but packs in a big punch.


30 Chris Olson

30: No Precipitation Irish Stout / Stout

Dry Irish Stout is a black beer with dry roasted characteristics with an emphasis on chocolate, and a hint of vanilla at the end. This is in line with the most popular session beer in the world coming, its ABV 4.7%. Hop bitterness is medium-hi to help round out flavours, with IBU 42. Sláinte!


31 Katie Herron

31: Green Fairy / Witbier

A wheat beer brewed with the signature herbs of absinthe: Fennel, Anise, and Wormwood.


32 Benjamin Lardiere

32: Belgian Blonde / Belgian Blonde Ale

Pilsner malt, Maris Otter, Munich, and Victory malts have joined forces with honey, East Kent Goldings hops, and SafAle Belgian-style yeast to bring you an easy-drinking Blonde...I was merely the conduit.


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33 Sean Pitney

33: Schwarzchata Ale / Dark Ale

Schwarzbier style ale brewed with cinnamon, honey, & rice malt.


35 Doug Hickey

35a: Tis the Season / American Wild Sour with Fruit

Solera style barrel aged mixed fermentation American Sour with cranberries.

35b: Popcorn Pilz / Pilsner

Popcorn Pilz is a Premium American Lager brewed with German Pilsner malt, popcorn and Citra hops. The popcorn was used the same way that flaked maize or corn would have been used in an adjunct lager.


36 ORCA / Homebrew Club

35a: ORCA Homebrew Club Barrel Collaboration/ Mixed Fermentation Sour

This is a collaboration of ORCA HBC. The brews were fermented separately and then added to the neutral oak barrel and inoculated with a mixed culture of bacteria and yeasts on 2/21/18. Today, it is our pleasure to offer up this special sour ale.


40 James Raybould

40a: Strawberry Blonde / Blonde

A crisp delicious blonde ale infused with fresh strawberries and hibiscus tea. This beer is the perfect spring or summer refreshment.

40b: Cosmohop / Hazy IPA

This beer is all about the hops which are of course 100% galaxy. A great Golden Promise malt background allows one of the best juiciest hops to do the talking in this delicious hazy and juicy IPA, which serves as a reminder that hazy beers aren’t just a trend but are here to stay!


41 Spencer McLintock

41: The Grapes of Beer / Grapefruit IPA

Powerful. Resilient. Beautiful. Tart. Ok, it’s not a perfect metaphor but this flavorful brew has just the com- bination of floral hops and citrusy spice to turn a depression era frown upside down. Steinbeck would be proud. 6% ABV.


43-44 Kevin Naset

43-44: Wildwood Kriek / Lambic/Kriek style ale

New description: 3 year old Lambic style ale aged in Hungarian oak barrels containing house blend of Bret- tanomyces, Pediococcus, and Lactobacillus. Finished on 12 lbs. Organic cherries and French oak cubes.


47 Olson’s Brew / Brian & Launa Olson

47a: Bondage Bock / Bock

Don’t be a slave to your typical beer styles - the Homebrew Fest is all about expanding your horizons! When you are feelin’ frisky and want explore some latex fun, reach for this nontraditional bock beer, full of flavor. Racked on top of bourbon soaked, roasted pecans, this lightly hopped extract lager allows for the malt flavor to shine.

47b: Black Knight / Milk Stout

Oh, had enough, eh? Not if you are still standing with all your limbs and an empty stein. When the work day leaves you less than whole, drink a stout made for the occasion and bellow out in defiance, “I’m invincible!” The addition of adjuncts including lactose, cinnamon and vanilla, make this milk stout full of body, flavor and a little attitude.


48 Sean Ennis

48: Marbled Rye / Pale Ale

A pale ale with a touch of spice from a generous portion of rye. Chinook and Simcoe hops round out this easy drinking 5% ABV ale.


49 Tim Warner

48: Mystery Stout / Stout


50 DAS Cider

50a: Brombeere Apfelwein (Blackberry Apple Cider) / Cider

~6.5% ABV. Semi-Dry. Crisp and tart cider. Beautiful rose color and noticeable blackberry flavor. Pressed from locally sourced mix of apples and blackberry.

50b: Norton Homestead Cider / Cider

7.2% ABV. Dry. Varieties used: 50% Rhode Island Greening / 35% unidentified heirloom variety / 15% Wick- son Crab. The Rhode Island Greening and another unidentified heirloom variety gives this cider a smokey tannin taste and the Wickson Crab apple variety adds a brightness. The two heirloom varieties are part of an orchard planted 135 years ago as part of a homestead land grant for the Norton Property on Dows Prairie in Mckinleyville.


51 Jonathan Szecsei

51: Mocha Stout / Stout

Chocolate milk coffee stout. Dick Taylor Chocolate.


18 Fat Cat Brews / Kenneth Berry

18a: Coté des Canneberge et Riz / Sparkling Cranberry Wine Spritzer

A recipe that evolved from the Humboldt Homebrewers Iron Brewer Competition. This unique combination of cranberries, lemon, rice & brown sugar create a light, crisp, and refreshing beverage that is easy-drinking.

18b: Mad Belgian Maple Smoked Bacon Porter Belgian Porter with Maple and Smoked Bacon

Beer for Breakfast? What about breakfast in your beer? Either way, this tasty concoction has you covered. Who doesn’t like waffles slathered in maple syrup, a side of smoked pork belly. and a cup of coffee in the morning? Or afternoon? Or evening?


52 Sean Wilson

52a: Bouy #9 / Belgian Chocolate Stout on Nitro

Chocolate. Smooth indulgent deliciousness. Belgian stout brewed with cocoa, chocolate malt and aged on an obscene amount of cocoa nibs. Noine, Noine, Noine, Noine, Noine, Noine, Noine, Noine, Noine.

52a: Van Damned / Belgian Golden Strong

Van Damned is a round house kick to your palate. A belgian golden strong ale that finishes out to a dry, crisp 8.5% ABV. Brewed by Sean Wilson and Grant Scott-Goforth


53 Peter Carlson

53a: Laurel Rose II / Herb Ale

A mild gruit style ale with rosemary, California bay laurel, yarrow, juniper berries, fennel, and ginger;local dark honey adds a bit of earthy sweetness. 5% ABV. No hops were harmed in brewing this beer.

53b: Fennel Rye Porter / Porter

A rye porter with fennel seeds and fresh fennel fronds; rich in rye flavor with a aromatic spiciness from the fennel. 5.1% ABV.


54 Raymond Rios

54: Black Dog Stout / Stout

Full-bodied malty stout fermented with organic cocoa nibs and roasted coffee.


55 Jeremy Evans

55: Deep Sea Haze / Hazy IPA

Brewed with Galaxy, Mosaic and Citra hops. Juicy and delicious!


56 Josh Holland / Sean Tremblay

56a: New Pilgrim Pineapple Cider / Cider

New Pilgrim pineapple cider is a dry, yet refreshing cider with loads of fresh pineapple flavor. It is made from 100 percent pineapple juice, and will quench any thirst on a warm day. Perfect for front porch sipping or a summer’s picnic. The seven percent ABV will sneak up on you.

56b: The Blind Bullet / West Coast IPA

The Blind Bullet is a mouth watering and complex west coast style IPA, containing copious fresh hop flavors. Green bullet, Nelson Sauvin, and Waimea hops present themselves readily on the pallet, while the malt backbone holds your taste buds at firm attention.


57 Matt Hall

57a: VOTE FOR PEDRO / Light Mexican Lager

5.3% ABV - 3.4 SRM - 22.2 IBU’s. Pale, crisp, and thirst quenching. This beer has a light body, yet wonderful malt backbone derived from a blend of mostly Weyerman malts and Flaked Maize. It gets it’s slightly citrus hop aroma and smooth flavor from a blend of Old and New World hop varieties. The “Most Interesting Man in the World” would definitely drink this!


8.1% ABV - 3.1 SRM - 24 IBU’s. A very light bodied and highly carbonated IPA designed to truly be “The Cham- pagne of Beers”. With a malt profile that tastes great, but stays out of the way of the hops, which are the star of the show here. This beer is bone dry, thanks to the use of Gluco-Amylase enzymes that drive the final gravity to .996. This beer gets absolutely no hops in the boil, but lots post boil in the whirlpool and a double dose of dry hops in the fermenter. El Dorado, Citra, Ekuanot, and Amarillo hops make this beer burst with hop flavors and aromas! Don’t let the IPA name scare you, beer drinkers of all levels love this beer. This beer is deceivingly crushable (and therefor dangerous) at 8.1% ABV!


59 Triple Junction Brewing / Ron Khunel

59: Flanders Red / Flanders Red Sour Ale

A red ale aged in a bourbon barrel for nine monthn. ABV 9%.


60 Triple Junction Brewing / Chaz Lord

60: Leprechan’s Island Vacation / Barrel Aged Irish Red Ale

An Irish Red Ale aged in a coconut rum barrel for 6 months. Malty and sweet, refreshing notes of coconut, it’s like a vacation for your palate. 7% ABV.


61 Triple Junction Brewing / Drew Perrone

61: Uncle Drew’s Promise of Good Things to Come IPA/Barrel Aged Irish Red Ale

IPA brewed with Golden Promise, Vienna, Oat Malt and Pilsen with HOMEGROWN Nugget, Cascade, and Wil- lamete hops with a dry hopping of Eukanot. 7% ABV.


62 Triple Junction Brewing / Hans Christensen

62a: A Hop Across the Pond / British Brown Ale

A sweet, nutty British Brown Ale, sure to please every pint-lover. 6% ABV.


62 Triple Junction Brewing / Kristina Watson

62b: Not Zima / Fermented Lemonade

A Finnish Fermented Lemonade, called Sima, usually shared during celebrations for Walpurgis night (or Vappu) in Finland at the end of April. Made with local Meyer Lemons, lemon balm and strawberries, 5.5% ABV and Gluten Free!


63 Triple Junction Brewing / Sean Wilson

63: Hop Zana / American Pale Ale

An American Pale Ale made with a variety of hops from the freezer including Summit, Citra, Centennial, Cascade and Warrior. 5.5% ABV


64 Triple Junction Brewing / Lance Blogett

64: Triple Junction Bourbon Barrel / Sour Porter

Rye Porter aged in a bourbon Barrel for 9 months, A rich flavorful beer with a touch of sourness. 8.6% ABV.


65 Triple Junction Brewing / Roy Marin

65: Honey Ale, Honey IPA, Honey Porter / Ale, IPA, Porter

My lovely wife Jeannine keeps bees. Therefore all my beers have honey. Taste the difference honey can make to your favorite beer recipe. Additional sugar also boosts the ABV. So, grab a Honey Ale. Kick back and watch the bees.


66 Wendy Brown

66a: Fig Porter / Porter

Porter racked onto 1lb of organic figs. This beer has a deep color accompanied by malty, toasty and smoky flavors. A smooth mouth feel and hints of caramel in the finish. Amber and Dark Dry Malt Extract Munich, Chocolate, and Caramel Malt Cascade and Nugget Hops Wyeast -London ESB Ale 1968 Malto-dextrin Powder, Calcium Chloride, Chalk, Yeast Nutrient, Corn Sugar

66b: Lemon-Cranberry NE IPA / NE IPA

A New England IPA brewed with 1lb of organic cranberries and 1/2lb of organic meyer lemons. This hazy beer has a smooth, creamy mouth feel accompanied by a tropical citrus flavor. The finish is sweet and fruity. Light Dry Malt and Rice Extract Flaked Wheat Two-Row, Wheat, and Honey Malt Magnum, Simcoe, Cascade, and Mosiac Hops 1lb Organic Cranberries and 1/2lb Organic Meyer Lemons Wyeast-London Ale III 1318 Yeast Nutrient and Corn Sugar.

Bring a piece of the Humboldt Homebrew Festival home with you!


What am I helping to accomplish?

Funds generated at the Humboldt Homebrew Festival go to support community driven development programs world wide by collaborating with local partners to design and implement engineering projects, while creating transformative experience and responsible leaders.

Our past and current projects include:
  • Constructing a water well for a hospital in Camoapa, Nicaragua.
  • Assessing and enhancing a wastewater treatment plant in La Manzanilla, Mexico.
  • Supporting and mentoring the HSU student chapter.

The 9th Annual Humboldt Homebrew Festival is a collaborative fundraising event hosted by

Engineers Without Borders North Coast Professional Chapter and the Humboldt Homebrewers Club

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Humboldt Homebrewer's Club

The Humboldt Homebrewers Club is our partner and largest sponsor. Become a member and enjoy benefits such as early pre-registration, monthly tastings, and access to a bounty of brewing information. Learn more at humboldthomebrewers.org.

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