Winners of 2012's Event Are...


All entries displayed. These brews were enjoyed by attendants of the event, as each brewer brought upwards of four gallons of fine drinkery. Rank Brew Name 

Brew Name
1 Boozy Roots
2 Soulshine IPA
3 Rye IPA 2
4 Humboldt Beer Terroirist Farmhouse Saison
5 Ginger Belgian Ale
6 Sassy Blonde
6 Irish Pale Ale
8 Blashphemy Sir
9 Flying Hefish
10 Gorilla Gulch Old Ale
11 Fat Bastard
12 Chocolate Porter
13 Johnnie Walker's Black Barrel Porter
14 Altbier
15 Arabian Sunset Ale
16 Kindred Spirits Barley Wine
17 Bock 2 Nature
18 Dime Bag Red Rye
19 Pale-ozoic Ale
20 Spring Resurrection
21 Irish Red Ale
22 Shoreline
23 Strong Oaked Rosemary Ale
24 Libby's 99th IPA
25 Bright Eyes
26 Rooster Rye IPA
27 Ressurection Rye
28 Maggie Mae
29 Palesner de Sour
30 Sonoma Pale
31 Grave Digger's Stout
32 Old Frog Pond
33 James Peterson Espresso Shot
34 Mud Rat
35 India Red Ale
36 Grateful Red
37 Keep Truckin' Down Brown
38 Hop Oppin IPA
39 Dark Horse Sour Ale
40 High Tide Wheat
41 Board Track Bitter
42 Sirius Black 2
43 La Grace Trappost Ale
44 Belgian Strong Dark
45 Belgian Cascadian Dark Ale
46 Brown Mutt
47 Hop Whompus
48 Cascadian Stout
49 Tuannahaffel


 These bottle submissions were tasted and judged prior to our public event. There were a wide variety of creative and enjoyable brews submitted. Only the top 3 entries for each category are listed. Scoring following BJCP guidelines, scoring and categories ( BJCP Guidelines).
1. Light Lager (No Entries)
2. Pilsner (No Entries)
3. European Amber Lager (No Entries)
4. Dark Lager (No Entries)
5. Bock (No Entries)
6.Light Hybrid Beer (1 Entry): 3rd. American Wheat (6D - American Wheat) - Gustin Dumler
7.Amber Hybrid Beer (No Entries):
8.English Pale Ale (4 Entries): 1st. HopSock ESB (8C - Extra Special Bitter) - Brendon Branwell 2nd. CoOp ESB(8C - Extra Special Bitter) - Jamie Ashdon 3rd. AK47 Pale Mild(8A - Standard Bitter) - Daniel Seibel
9. Scottish and Irish Ales (3 Entries): None Placed
10. American Ales (7 Entries): 3rd. Sonoma Pale (10A - American Pale Ale) - Erin Whitaker
11. English Brown (1 entries): 3rd. Brown Floater (11C - Mild) - Andres Benitez / Ted Hertel
12. Porter (12 entries): 2nd. Loop D'Loop Espresso (12B - Robust Porter) - Brendon Banwell 3rd. Robust Porter (12B - Robust Porter) Gustin Dumler
13. Stout(4 entries): 1st. Ebony (13B - Sweet Stout) - Juustin Whitaker *Best of Show Winner* 2nd. Czar's Death(13F - Russian Imperial Stout) - Randall Messner 3rd. Sisu Stout(13E - American Stout) - Natti Nylander
14. India Pale Ale (IPA) (7 entries): 3rd. Hop Oppin IPA (14B - American IPA) - Jere Cox
15. German Wheat and Rye Beer (2 entries): 1st. Tango (15A - Weizen/Weissbier) - Randall Messner 2nd. Ryelistic (15C - Weizenbock) - Erin Whitaker
16. Belgian and French Ale (5 entries): 3rd. Palesner de Sour (16EBelgian Specialty Ale) - Jere Cox
17. Sour Ale (2 entries): 1st. Berliner Weisse (17A - Berliner Weisse) - Ari Freidman 2nd. Belgian Kriek (17F - Fruit Lambic) - Air Freidman
18. Belgian Strong Ale (5 Entries): 3rd. Hi-Lo(18D - Belgian Golden Strong Ale) - Erin Whitaker
19. Strong Ale (1 Entry): 2nd. Sir Pancy's English Barleywine(19B - English Barleywine) - Sean Wilson
20. Fruit Beer (1 entries): None Placed
21. Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer(3 Entries): Jack Flash Spiced Pumkin Ale (21A - Herb/Spice/Veg Beer) - Brian Bauman Eryn’s Punkin Pie (21A - Herb/Spice/Veg Beer) - Erin Whitaker
22. Smoke Flavored/Wood Aged Beer(No Entries):
23. Specialy Beer(3 Entries): 2nd. Serious Black (23A) - Jere Cox 3rd. Imperial Porter (23A) - Jed Douglas
24. Traditional Mead(No Entries):
25. Melomel (Fruit Mead)(No Entries):
26. Other Mead(No Entries):
27. Standard Cider and Perry (No Entries): 1st. Blue Clossom Cider (27A - Common Cider) - Josh Reed
28. Specialty Cider and Perry (No Entries): 2nd. Old Man Dickerson's Cider (28D - Other Specialty) - Sean Wilson

We brewers don‘t make beer, we just get all the ingredients together and the beer makes itself. -Fritz Maytag, President Anchor Brewing

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